Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sounds Familiar

Guess who Brian MacLeod is writing about here:
[Guess who?] notes how Canada was seen as “a fair and open-minded country, willing to open its doors to all, willing to assist the needy, willing to embrace the downtrodden. It was always viewed as a nation willing to accept those fleeing political, religious and ethnic strife.”

“Sadly... this progressive outlook has changed.”

[Guess who?] goes on to blame the polarization of debate in Ottawa due to Harper’s ways and laments that “Where Canada once was a friend of the Palestinians, the Harper government now embraces Tel Aviv and its politics of colonization.”...
[Guess who?] even laments how we’ve become “peacemakers,” rather than “peacekeepers.”
So who do you think it is? Jenny Peto? Khaled Mouammar? Jack Layton? Sheema Khan? Harpoon Siddiqui? Dr. Wahida Valiante? Mohamed Elmasry?

None of the above--even though it sounds like it could be any one of them.

No, the source of the quote is an editorial that appeared in a Dubai, UAE rag.

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