Friday, February 11, 2011

Motor City Madness

Kathy Shaidle upacks the Mark Steyn v. Detroiters kerfuffle. (In brief: Chrysler broadcast a "feel-good" ad about the Motor City during the Super Bowl which Steyn derided as a right bit of puffery. Steyn's criticism of the ad and their blighted burg drove--pun intended--a number of proud Detroiters crazy and ready to pummel him.) I thought I'd add my 2 cents worth via an old Motown tune (the "we" in the song being irate city folk who want to tar and feather Steyn):

Whenever we hear him--
Some guy called Steyn--
We start burnin' and breathin' out fire.
This ad's got a hold on me,
Oh, can't stand no diss 'bout our city.
We feel a heatwave,
Burnin' in our heart.
Can't keep from screamin'.
Can we tear Steyn apart?

Whenever he says our name
Gives us a gibungous pain.
Right then, right there
He'd better start to 'splain.
This high dudgeon's gotta hold of us,
Oh, it's causing us to rant and cuss.
It's like a heatwave
Burnin' in our heart.
Can't keep from freakin'.
Let's tear that Steyn apart.

Don't listen to that big a-hole.
Our city can rock and roll!...

Update: My favorite Detroit song is by a Canadian (and it still sounds pretty good; also in Stereo).

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