Saturday, February 12, 2011

Their Definition of "Freedom" Isn't Our Definition of Freedom

Fatimah bint Joplin sings:

Ridin' high in Cairo town,
Headin' fer a mob
Gathered in a crush in Tahrir Square.
Hosni hit the road last night.
Didn't say goodbye.
Where that dude is goin', I don't care.
I pulled a ululation from way deep down in my throat
And reveled in the "freedom" I could feel.
With CNN there on the scene
To tell you all what it must mean
You kafirs could misjudge the whole ordeal.

Freedom's just another word for bow, submit, obey.
Allah's law's what makes and keeps us "free."
There's one law--and only one--that's perfectly okay.
That law must be given primacy.
That law's what is known as Muhammad's sharee'...

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Leonard said...

What they call freedom, other people call slavery. (And what they call paradise, other people call hell.)