Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mansur on the 'Lie' That is Multiculturalism

Multiculturalism is bollocks, or words to the effect, writes the invaluable Salim Mansur:
Multiculturalism as official state policy proposes all cultures are equal. But there has to be some independent or objective standard for measure in offering such proposition.
Proponents of multiculturalism do not use an objective standard as the basis by which they judge or rank cultures, and conclude all cultures are equal.

If the culture of liberal democracy — that is, a culture based on individual rights and freedoms, equality of sexes, equality before the rule of law, etc. — is taken as an independent measure, it would be then false to conclude that while other cultures might not be liberal, nor democratic, they are all equal irrespective of different values they hold.

The entire edifice of multiculturalism is, hence, based on a lie. For we know from history and experience that all cultures are not equal, and if it were so, then the culture of Islam in North Africa, for example, would be on par with the culture of Europe across the Mediterranean...
It's instructive at this stage to take note of who in Canada remains on the delapidated multiculti bandwagon--Official Jews, hyperventilating Islamists, and hardened leftists/useful idiots. Proof positive, as if any were needed, that the doctrine is nothing more than hogwash that's been kited by an inexhaustible supply of leftist self-loathing/hot air.

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