Sunday, June 12, 2011

Canucki Gaza Boatnik Responds to Anti-Sea Hitler Lawsuit

From NOW:
CBG spokesperson Wendy Goldsmith said she wouldn’t comment directly on the lawsuit because she hasn’t seen it yet, but she is adamant that her organization is not supporting Hamas.
“This is a civilian-to-civilian initiative. We’re not working with any government in either country,” she said. “We’re part of the international flotilla, which is a group of 32 different countries, and each of us have various connections with non-governmental organizations, artists, co-ops who are trying to make a living in Gaza, so those will be the recipients of the aid that comes on the boats. We’ve asked independent international bodies to inspect our ships at the point of departure, during our voyage, and once we arrive in Gaza to ensure that we’re not carrying anything that is illegal or harmful. We’re committed to non-violence.”
Does she really believe that as long as Hamas isn't involved in any official capacity it isn't being aided, abetted, validated and propped up by boaters' antics?

I guess they don't call 'em useful idiots for nada.

Update: Wendy Goldsmith, rabble chick, says "We Are All Gaza."

Speak for yourself, sweetie.


Carlos Perera said...

Ms. Goldsmith reminds me of the many Leftists during the Cold War who were Communists in every way but open, card-carrying party membership--crypto-Communists we used to call them--yet would indignantly allege slander and "witch-hunting" whenever someone would point out the obvious and call them what they were in deed, if not formally. These people were not useful idiots (though, admittedly, those existed by the megaton); they knew well enough that they were working to undermine the West.

Similarly, I think that many of these seemingly impossibly naive "idealists" who aid and abet Hamas et al. know full well that they are working to bring about the destruction of the State of Israel, with all of the Dark Age horrors that would entail. They _want_, IMHO, to see the whole "outpost of the decadent West falls to the vigorous Third World barbarians" scenario play out.

scaramouche said...

They're modern day Jacobins who want to smash everything as a prelude to rebuilding their "perfect" society.

Alse, as Jamie Glazov (of FrontPage magazine says)has observed, they have a death wish.