Tuesday, June 21, 2011

CASMO Just Says 'No'

Sure, they're flagrant Khomeinists--and damn proud of it. Sure, they seem to have a tremendous grudge against a little Jewish state. But that doesn't mean that those old clock-grifters, er, sorry, gifters, don't have the mealy-mouthed multiculti palaver down pat. The CASMO-ites now claim, for example, to say
Saying no to anti-Semitism, huh? Well, I guess fears of being prosecuted for a hate crime due to having posted a video by a former KKK Grand Wizard can tend to have that effect on one. (And one would have to be a real party-pooper to point out that talk is cheap and easy--like some CASMO clock recipients whose names I won't mention.) But tell us, Canucki Shias who blubbered like tiny, little girls when Hezbo's Grand Ayatollah kicked it, what do you aim to do here in our shared Trudeaupia?
Our Objectives are:
  • To encourage and support multiculturalism by integration and active participation of Muslims in Canadian civil society
  • To encourage development and advancement of Islamic education and awareness amongst association’s members and others
  • To exchange information among members of the Association and other sections of the Canadian society, including faith groups, government and other organizations
  • To encourage the development of Islamic research programs and distribution of reports in Canada
Sounds totally legit and taqiyyah-free, no? As such, who could possibly object to any of it?

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