Friday, June 3, 2011

De Facto Dhimmitude

What's the sticking point, the stumbling block, the fly in the unguent that's preventing the U.S. from taking action against Syria? Here's Hillary Clinton, 'splaining things--i.e. that the U.S. hasn't gotten the go-ahead from the Arab League, as it did prior to taking action (still ongoing) against Gadaffi (who, all things considered, isn't nearly the swinish, thuggish, murderous scumbag that Assad is):
Right now the attitude of the international community is not as united as we are seeking to make it. We do not yet have the agreement by some of the other members of the Security Council. We certainly have nothing resembling the kind of strong action the Arab League took with respect to Libya."
Er, doesn't it bother American that their foreign policy appears to be in the hands of a cadre of authoritarian brutes on whose approval any action in the Arab world now hinges? 

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