Tuesday, June 14, 2011

'Elect Bernie Farber' 'Cuz He's a 'Civil' 'Helper'

He's off and running, and even has a website! He wants Thornhillians (Thornhillers?) to vote for him because, among other things,
For decades I have immersed myself in the “helping professions.
Whether as a social worker advocating on behalf of abused children, single mothers and the poor or as a social activist within the Jewish community focused on human rights, the disenfranchised battling racism, anti-Semitism, and xenophobia..
I am passionate about people’s rights , about fairness
Civility has always characterized my dealings and I intend my run in Thornhill to be both passionate on the issues but civil in nature. That is how I operate...
Running on the "civility" platform, eh? That's even more of a non-starter than running on the "let's fund madrassahs and other religious schools" platform. Then again, running on the "more state censorship/"human rights" intrusiveness, please" platform isn't likely to get you too far, either.

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Paul said...

Bernie's election tag lines:

"Vote for Me because it's all about Me!"

"If you want to have nothing get done, count on Me!"

"I'm a useless dumb twit. My track record at the Canadian Jewish Congress proves that!"

"I liked Urinetown so much, it's my plan for Thornhill!"

"Under my stewardship, the Canadian Jewish Congress after 90 years has ceased to exist. Just think what I'm capable of doing to Thornhill."