Monday, June 20, 2011

"Evil" According to TIME

Just because TIME magazine would never dream of using the "e" word to describe a human being, that doesn't mean it lacks a moral compass. It does acknowledges the existence of "genuine" evil--the popular sports of football, golf and Finnish wife-shlepping, for instance.

Mahmoud A-jad, assorted Hamasniks and other genocidal jihadi wackjobs....they aren't evil so much as much as they're "misunderstood," I guess.

In much the same way, the media have undergone what might be called a "Voldemortization"--the reluctance to name the provenance of certain restive "youts" lest "feelings" get bruised (and lest an easily-affronted young'un take it into his head to blow up the "offensive" messenger).


John said...

I'm disappointed; what happened to dwarf tossing?

scaramouche said...

Not "evil" enough, I guess.