Thursday, June 2, 2011

Existential Mind Games and Jihad Theatrics

Who are Israel's most implaccable, vindictive and dangerous enemies? The Iranians? Absolutely! Their nukes and sharia make them enemy numero uno.

And in second place--the also-rans of awfulness, so to speak--I nominate the jihadists and their usefully imbecilic and self-righteous Western friends who are about to take part in a holy war theatre of the absurd.

Or, depending on how much blood is shed, a jihad Grand Guignol.

The malevolent virtuous ones say they want to break a blockade, but everyone knows what they really want to do is score a propaganda victory against Israel, with the willing complicity of their sycophants in the Western media. Melanie Phillips describes what's about to unfold (including a simultaneous "protest" at Western airports), and, in a cri de coeur, questions whether Israel is prepared for it:
We can all imagine what might happen. Airports are places where security is necessarily tight and procedures accordingly rigid. Flotillistas who appear to be ordinary travellers may suddenly start creating a scene, purely in order to provoke the airport authorities into heavy-handed action which they will then exploit to scream ‘racism’, ‘war crimes’ and so forth. We can expect to see children deployed as human shields on the front-lines of the security scanners, as well as on the flotilla boats themselves. With a bit of luck, they will be hoping, some jittery police officer will shoot one of the flotillistas or better still, their children. By an amazing coincidence, their willing dupes in the western media will happen to be on hand to film it all. 
The flotilistas will present themselves as a peaceful, humanitarian mission being thwarted by the fascist Zionists and their lackeys. And their media toadies will duly deliver the script they are being fed. But it will all be a staged, cynical stunt to exploit and manipulate western credulity, ignorance and malice. Not only is it an elaborate plan to play the west for suckers, but it also threatens to put ordinary airline passengers at risk as security is thrown into chaos and airport officials diverted to deal with these disturbances.
What are western leaders doing to avert this? Wake up Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland. You are supplying the repertory company for this floating theatre of the jihad. What are the Israelis doing to outsmart this latest example of psychological warfare? Where is their own centralised psy-ops unit to take it on? Wake up, Mr Lieberman. Wake up, Mr Edelstein. Wake up, Mr Netanyahu. This is the war of the mind. Get onto the right battlefield, fast.

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