Monday, June 20, 2011

Ground Zero for Global Zionhass

Cairo? Tehran? Riyadh? Islamabad?

Nope. It's NYC, home base for the UN. Observer/scourge of that "august" body, Claudia Rosett, writes:
Usually I’m against the U.S. government spending more money on the United Nations. But after the latest round of UN “human rights” activity, there’s one shovel-ready project that deserves action right now. In the interest of providing the UN with truth in advertising, the Obama administration ought to issue itself the permits and pony up the funds to erect a gigantic billboard in front of the UN’s New York headquarters. This billboard should be truly enormous, and it should be covered with flashing neon lights, spelling out for all visiting schoolchildren, hapless tourists, and chauffeured politicians the message: The United Nations: Anti-Semitism is Us.
No doubt there are some regular UN visitors — Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad comes to mind — who don’t need a flashing sign to understand that virulent anti-semitism is one of the basic themes of today’s UN. But there’s at least a chance that putting that ugly truth right up there in neon lights, in front of the flags and fancy UN building (now enjoying a $2 billion makeover, in big part on America’s tab), would help alert Americans to the monstrous doings within...
The gist of the rest of Claudia's post: Who needs Nazis when you have UN "human rights" nutsies?

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