Friday, June 3, 2011

Nakba, Naksa, Let's Call the Whole Thing Off

The next wave of "protest" against Israel is timed for "Naksa Day" celebrations. That commemorates the Arabs' defeat in the '67 Six Day War and is not to be confused with "Nakba Day," which commemorates the Arabs' defeat in '48.

Just think--had the Jews lost either time (or in any of its other wars for survival), the minute sliver of the Middle East that flies the Magen David would be in Arab hands, and would be every bit as warped and dysfunctional as the Arab basket cases that surround it.

And all these poor "protesters" would have nothing at all to be unhappy about. ;)

Update: Andrew Klavan has an ingenious "one state solution."

Update: Why Muslim Cultures Lag Behind

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