Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Old Snip-Snip Sparks an Ugly Case of Judenhass--In Sunny California

Scholarly works have been written on the subject of non-Jews' historical squeamishness with/repulsion for "brit milah," the Jewish rite of circumcision. (The baby, the blood, the penis: okay, I get it.) But who wants to wade through turgid academic prose when you can read, say, a comic book? Behold, the latest manifestation of an age-old facet of Judenhass--Foreskin Man (h/t: cba):

And here's his arch-enemy, the loathsome, grotesque, disgusting, Der Sturmer-esque villain--a knife-wielding rabbi--who makes Shylock look like a paragon of mercy:

I think you get the picture. Even so, it's still shocking to see this ugly stuff coming out of kooky California, of all places:

Could it be any more blatant? I think not. And why, one might well ask, does the rite of FGM not elicit the same horror and disgust in kooky California? Why the frenzy over foreskins but no similar concern over excised chick bits?

Isn't it obvious? It's because FGM is "exotic" and Third Worldish and it would be politically incorrect to condemn it.

Also, because it isn't Jewish and doesn't involve the schlong.

Update: Mark Steyn points out that
Mr Hess [the 'toonist] has curious priorities. In America, over 90 per cent of circumcised men are non-Jewish.
Around the world, 70 per cent of circumcised men are Muslim.
 As such, asks Steyn,
Wouldn’t it be more statistically representative for Mr Hess to show his, er, Caped Crusader zapping the minaret of the nearest mosque? Or would that risk attracting the attention of Fatwa Man?
Fatwa Man? Oh, you mean this Superzero?

Update: Some "bris" humour: Have you heard about Dr. Foreskin the moil? He'll work for tips.


Carlos Perera said...

If these comic book frames had been presented as storyboards to Göbbels when _The Eternal Jew_ (which, up to this point, contained the most repugnantly anti-Semitic images I had ever seen) was in pre-production, I sincerely believe he would have rejected them as being over-the-top. If something like this can be considered a mainstream . . . public service(?) . . . message in a major, cosmopolitan, visually iconic American city, Jews in the U. S. are truly in danger, and not just from exotic Islamofascist types. Maybe the ADL and other organizations whose putative mission is to protect American Jews from . . . well, defamation, should stop looking for esoteric manifestations of anti-Semitism in the orthography of placards carried by Tea Partiers and Sarah Palin supporters, and pay a little bit more attention to the blatant resurgence of Brownshirt propaganda flashing in colored neon figures right in front of their noses. Don't ya think?

scaramouche said...

I do indeed think (so).