Saturday, June 4, 2011

On 'Fairness' and Fools

Here are two good ones from the Toronto Sun. First, Salim Mansur poses some impious question:
But what no one asks is why Palestinian rejection of the UN’s 1947 plan and Arab aggression against Israel merit reward of the same more than six decades later?
Or why juxtapose another Palestinian state next to Jordan, which is already overwhelmingly Palestinian, in addition to 21 other Arab states?
Or, why 355 million Arabs need 22 states when there is only one China and one India with their respective population of more than a billion people in each state?
The reason Palestinians will receive the General Assembly’s undeserving support is due to the real, though unstated, institutionalized bigotry inside the world body that once voted Zionism as a form of racism.
Against such bigotry there is no appeal for fairness.
Ask the more deserving Tibetans.
Tibet? If Tibet wants "fairness," it had better pack up, move to the Middle East and launch a war against the Jews. Otherwise, sadly, "fairness" isn't even on the table--and never will be.

Next up, Michael Coren, who has some thought on the Gaza boatniks:
Which brings us to the publicly funded crazies in this country who are joining a bag of assorted Islamic fanatics, obsessive Jew-haters, Marxist militants and liberal Christian fundamentalists intent on sailing a flotilla of boats into Gaza.
They claim the boats will contain food and supplies — if so, it is a redundant gesture and, if you doubt me, please Google some of the pictures of Gaza’s markets and stores. I have been there — I say again, the boast that the people of Gaza are starving is a lie.
These boats will contain food, but if they are anything like the last fleet they will also contain arms.
There is ample evidence of this, even admitted by some of the less hysterical on board. The major purpose of the flotilla, though, is to challenge the authority of the Jewish state and to delegitimize it. This is what anti-Zionists have been trying to do for years and they have scored victories within the hard left and elements of the labour movement.
Which is exactly why our postal union and various “aid” groups have supported this latest project. They are not sending boats to Syria, where a 13-year-old protester has just been knee-capped, castrated and then murdered by security forces, or to the Kurds who are so persecuted in Turkey, or to Christians in Pakistan who are regularly slaughtered. No, much more fun to attack the Jews, the Americans and the West.
The Israelis will doubtless intercept the boats and it may well be that some of the useful idiots and professional demonstrators on board will be hurt or even killed. So be it. It is regrettable, but the simple way to avoid such suffering is to get a real job, work with the homeless, raise a family, or something boring like that.
There's no fool like a Zion-loathing fool. And there's no Zion-loathing fool like one who gets his/her jollies by floating on a sea of self-satisfied Zionhass in a feckless blockade-flouting flotilla. (Try saying that three times fast.)

Update: Doggerel for the sea dogs:

Thar they stew on sea full of sodium,
In a boat that's afloat in their odium.
The slaughter in Syria
Is a pain in the ryria,
But it's Jooos who have "earned" their opprobrium.


Carlos Perera said...

I think the way to understand the Gaza flotilla phenomenon is as an emulation of the American "Freedom Riders" of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement (which was the great glory moment of the American liberalism). The Gazan Palestinians are the oppressed "blacks" of our times, the Israelis are the racist Southern crackers, and Netanyahu is a latter-day Bull Connor. The boatniks, I'm sure, think of themselves as "Flotilla Riders," come to succor the oppressed people of color and, by interposing their white skins between them and the teeth of the police dogs--or IDF naval commandos--inhibit the response by the forces of racial oppression.

Come to think of it, maybe the analogy is more apt than would appear to be historically sustainable at first glance. The heroic phase of the Civil Rights Movement, embodied by the Freedom Rides and Freedom Marches, by enshrining for all time the view of blacks as victims, led in short order to the Black Power Movement of the later 1960s, the urban riots that gutted the inner cities of several major American urbs, and gave rise to the Great Society welfare programs that largely destroyed the black family and created succeeding generations of feral young men who guarantee that the gutted inner cities shall remain urban wastelands. Sounds a lot like the "Intifada" and the "Arab Spring," just with different skin albedo.

scaramouche said...

If they think they're Freedom Riders, they're seriously delusional and out to seek psychiatric advice. Black people in the American south were seeking the rights promised them in the American Constitution. Gazans and other Palestinians are seeking to eliminate Israel from the map because its existence is a rebuke to and makes a mockery of their religious beliefs. Those who assist the genocidal are not Freedom Riders. They are collaborators in the Jews' end game, the final Final Solution.