Friday, June 17, 2011

Put Your Clothes On, Honey, We Ain't 'Shocked'

A nekkid cyclist gives her rationale for this:
Our goal is to raise awareness to environmental issues and the only way to get ourselves heard is by shocking people. That's what we did, for the sake of saving our future generations.
If I told you it didn't work, would you do us all a favour and put your knickers back on?


PaladinPhil said...

The majority are exhibitionists or pervs. After last years ride one of my photo buddies mentioned that she was getting "contact" requests from the photo site we hang out at from participants of the "World Naked Bike Ride". She ended up ignoring or blocking some of them because they tended to use the same approach for self portraits as they did for the ride.

They say it's about the environment, but I tend to think differently.

scaramouche said...

I agree. I feel passionately about issues, too, but there's no way I'm gonna, say, march nekkid for Israel.

Frances said...

They're just exhibitionists, whatever their rationale may be. Real people keep naked for their nearest and dearest.