Saturday, June 11, 2011

Reading Between Wahida's Lines

The first thing any kafir needs to know about Islam is that it brooks no seperation between mosque and nation, for the sharia, Allah's divine law, is considered the ultimate authority on everything, everywhere, until the end of time. Bear that in mind as you read this--the Canadian Islamic Congress's Wahida Valiante explaining Tawhid, the Islamic concept of "unity" (which, you may notice, bears more than a glancing resemblance to the concept of totalitarianism):
Islam’s universality, or global view of humanity, is based on the concept of Tawhid – the singularity of God, “who knows the secrets of the heavens and earth and the secrets of the [collective] minds.” (Asad, Qur’an 35:38) The importance of Tawhid, the apex of Islam, lies in its view of creation. All creation shares a common source in God, as well as a common origin (the single self) and a common purpose – that humans serve as God’s vicegerents on earth. Thus, the foundational unity of creation comprises different parts living in harmonious order with the whole and embodying universal concepts, ethical and moral laws, ordinances and rules, all of which relate to every form of existence in this one unified and comprehensive pattern.
Perhaps the most important test of Tawhid is in terms of its capacity for generating a guiding model, or the system of Islam, an alternative course of action. It engages the full participation of each interconnected and interdependent human being in a community-oriented way of life that embraces diversity, pluralism, spirituality, altruism and selflessness. Because unity offers an alternative perception of personhood, it also invites alternative modes of action and behavior, enabling human beings to live together more peacefully within their families, communities, societies and even entire nations, as opposed to striving for control over one another.
Oh, she makes sure to use the buzz words that are like a honeyed balm to the kafirs' ear ("diversity," "pluralism," "altruism"), but make no mistake: this plea for "unity" and "an alternative perception of personhood" (very Oprahish, no?)is nothing more than a plea for Islam to call the shots everywhere, for all time, and for the "peace" that will supposedly ensue from that.

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