Tuesday, June 7, 2011

UN Weighs Whether to 'Separate' A-Q and the Taliban

From the Ceeb:
The United Nations is considering whether to split its terrorism blacklist in two — one for al-Qaeda figures and one for the Taliban.
Taliban figures would be on a separate list. The move could be seen as a political gesture to promote peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban.
A UN sanctions panel will decide by the middle of the month whether to divide the list to recognize the two groups' different agendas, UN official Peter Wittig said Tuesday. Al-Qaeda is waging worldwide jihad against the West, while the Taliban is focused on Afghanistan.
The Afghan government already has asked a UN panel to take about 50 Taliban figures off the sanctions list, which keeps them subject to an asset freeze and travel ban.
The committee will rule on many of these requests next week.
Yeah, because if you put the Taliban (zany jihadis intent on restoring the Caliphate) on a different list than al-Qaeda (ditto), it'll make all the difference. (That's me channeling UN wishful thinking/pathetic delusion).

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