Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You, Sir, Are a Huge Dick (a Comment on Your Character, Not Your Equipment)

More Weiner "drollery," this time from the Jewish Daily Forward:
Rep. Anthony Weiner reportedly used a sexual stereotype about Jewish women in Facebook sexting with a young Jewish woman, according to this account on Radar Online. This pathetic story just keeps getting more appalling.
Weiner, a 46-year-old Jewish congressman who represents parts of Brooklyn and Queens and was considered the leading candidate in New York’s next mayoral race, admitted in a press conference Monday that lewd tweets, Facebook messages and crotch shots sent to several women who are not his wife were indeed from him. One of those women is 40-year-old Lisa Weiss, a Las Vegas blackjack dealer who is Jewish and offered to perform oral sex on him. According to Radar Online, Weiner responded, “wow a jewish girl who sucks (bleep)! this thing is ready to do damage.” The Radar report continued, “The reference to a stereotype of Jewish women’s aversion to the sex act is sure to create more heat under a scandal that is already red hot.”...
Such a classy guy. His wife must be soooo proud!

Update: Weiner coached a porn star to lie about their graphic online interactions and even offered her the services of a PR person should she desire them.

Dude, your name is Weiner. Surely your PR people must have counselled you to avoid any public embarrassment involving said (small w) body part. And if they didn't, they weren't worth the bucks you were paying 'em.

Update: Looking back, maybe having Bill "Ah did not have sexual relations with that woman" Clinton officiate at your wedding wasn't the best move, PR-wise. It was tempting fate, etc., especially for someone with your particular handle. 

Update: Weiner's "sextee" (if that's not yet a word, it's time to make it one) says he has problems with "impulse control." 

Talk about yer understatements! That's like saying Barack Obama has problems balancing the books.

Update: It is a word!

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Paul said...

... things went a bit haywire upstairs in the head, but Weiner is really just another typical Jewish overachiever. :)

NB: small correction to the Jewish Daily Forward item.

The joke isn't that Jewish girls have an aversion to the sex act. It's that they have an aversion to the sex act after marriage!

[according to my non-Jewish friends, same holds true in their camp.]