Thursday, September 15, 2011

'Jesus Was a Muslim'

Actually, he was a Jew. But that wouldn't exactly jibe with this onIslam article about how Muslims can integrate "faith and fashion."

'Jesus was a Muslim' t-shirt, StyleIslam product.                             

Here's another "faith + fashion" integration from StyleIslam:

And one more:



Blazing Cat Fur said...

What do the "Fall" suicide belts look like this season?

Frances said...

Given Mohammed (bless his name or whateve) wasn't born untill several centuries after Christ was crucified, these guys have a serious disconnect with reality.

Carlos Perera said...

Well, in the Moslem scheme of things, all of the prophets before Mohammed were actually Moslems whose message was twisted when, first the Jews, then the Christians, obfuscated their teaching for obscure but doubtless nefarious reasons, thus necessitating the coming of Mohammed to set it all straight once and for all. It's the theological version of Soviet Russian claims that Russians had invented everything before the Westerners who stole the credit. (Come to think of it, Moslems also claim to have discovered or invented everything before everyone else, during their "Golden Age.")

PersonOfTheBook said...

I fear that future historians will neither have the knowledge or the ability to even see anything wrong with things like this.

Charise Winstead Collins said...

Actually he was, by definition, since "muslim" simply means "one who submits to the will of God"...which, of course, he did indeed.

scaramouche said...

Actually, that's by the Muslims' definition--which neither Christians nor Jews accept.