Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Pie in the Sky "and "A Chicken in Every Pot"

Shockingly, those are not among the plethora of Dalton McGuinty's pre-election promises. Margaret Wente itemizes some of the others:
The Liberals are convinced that micro-pandering to crucial market segments is their key to re-election. And so we have, in no particular order, pledges to bring back doctors’ house calls for the elderly, a “healthy snack” program for schoolchildren, a home renovation tax credit to help your dear old mom install a walk-in shower, a whopping postsecondary tuition cut for the middle class, and a vow to reduce childhood obesity rates by 20 per cent. (Good luck with that.) The Premier will even refund your money if the trains don’t run on time.
I haven’t felt so warm and fuzzy since the Easter Bunny came to town. Vote for the Liberals, and there’ll be chocolate eggs for all! Just make sure you don’t overdose on all the saccharine.
B-b-but I thought Dalton McGuinty was--is--the Easter Bunny:

Here comes Dalton Cottontail,
Hoppin' down the campaign trail.
Hippity hoppin' 'lection's on its way.
Bringing everyone he meets
Lots and lots of 'lection treats.
Things to let him lead another day.
He's got house calls for your Granny,
Healthy snacks for sister Sue,
Walk-in shower for your Mammy,
And a plan for Fatty, too.
Oh, here comes Dalton Cottontail,
Hoppin' down the campaign trail.
Vote for him and you'll be sure to pay!

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