Friday, September 9, 2011

The Scam of "Interfaith"

"Pass the tasty samosa"? Don't bother, writes Natasha Fatah in the National Post. It won't do a whit of good--and, in fact, is doing us a great deal of harm:
Canadians have been too politically correct. We hold "interfaith meetings" to make us feel better. But interfaith meeting between rabbis, imams, ministers and priests are about faith. And this isn't a matter of faith; it's a matter of politics.

For instance, read what the intellectual and spiritual head of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheik Qaradawi has to say about interfaith dialogue. He cites Egyptian Islamic theologian Youssef Qaradawi to the effect that "We only carry out dialogue with [Christians] in order to find common grounds that serve as a basis for further action." Qaradawi mentions four of these "further actions":

1. Improving the image of Islam;
2. Converting Christians;
3. Rallying Christians against Israel;
4. Discouraging Christian leaders from supporting fellow Christians involved in conflict with Muslims. (Qaradawi specifically mentioned Sudan and the Philippines.)

This is from the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that is poised to seize power in Egypt following the "Arab Spring." Another wasted opportunity for democracy.

Back in Canada, our political leaders meet with "representatives" from the Islamist community who openly support Shariah law, and practise gender apartheid in their mosques (and now in our public schools).
We're so goshdarned nice--and so flat out stupid.

Update: The interfaithy sheikh is laughing at you, credulous samosa-eaters.


Ms. Doubt49 said...

Will I be able to convince The Toronto Star to publish this on its front page and simultaneously have CBC radio and television talk about this in a positive way? When hell freezes over!

Dianne Fasullo said...

I am Roman Catholic and I know some Catholics participate in these silly meetings and I don't get why? In the Catholic School System they teach world religion classes and the kids come out thinking they want to be some other religion because they went to a nice mosque where the people were so nice and gave them a nice snack and told them about how peaceful their religion is.
But we cannot say Merry Christmas in the public school system or have a bible study.