Saturday, September 10, 2011

Why King Abdullah Won't Be Texting Anytime Soon

According to this report, the Wahhabi potentate just sent Obama a "private" letter. What's in it? We're not really sure, but it may have something to do with Obama's request that the Saudis pick up the slack and fund the PA if and when the U.S. is forced to follow though on its threat to turn off the money tap. (Begging the question: isn't it a rather toothless threat if the Palestinians know that there will be no interruption in funding since someone else be paying their bills?) Why did he send a letter instead of, say, picking up a phone? Well, apparently
"...the king is not a phone person and is still stung by Wikileaks...," one Washington Middle East analyst commented.
(The king's alleged reservations about normal diplomatic channels may have turned out to be vindicated. A July 2008 US diplomatic cable released by Wikileaks in recent days describes a medical evaluation of the Saudi monarch by a western physician said to have read Abdullah's medical file. "It was related that King Abdullah is 92 years old (born 1916), he remains a heavy smoker, regularly receives hormone injections and 'uses Viagra excessively,'" the cable, released by Wikileaks on September 1st, stated.)
Ick! What is it with these geezers and their Viagra? Doesn't there come a time when you should, you know, give it a rest (so to speak)?

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