Friday, November 11, 2011

Bibi a Liar?

That's what France's Sarkozy, caught on a mic he didn't know was on, claimed to a receptive and similarly anti-Bibi Obama. Caroline Glick tackles--and demolishes--the alleged prevarication:
(W)hen has Netanyahu ever lied to Sarkozy and Obama?
This week the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency's report about Iran's nuclear weapons program made clear that Israel — Netanyahu included — has been telling the truth about Iran and its nuclear ambitions all along. In contrast, world leaders have been lying and burying their heads in the sand.
Since Iran's nuclear weapons program was first revealed to the public in 2004, Israel has provided in-depth intelligence information proving Iran's malign intentions to the likes of Sarkozy, Obama and the UN. And for seven years, the US government — Obama included — has claimed that it lacked definitive proof of Iran's intentions.

Obama wasted the first two years of his administration attempting to charm the Iranians out of their nuclear weapons program. He stubbornly ignored the piles of evidence presented to him by Israel that Iran was not interested in cutting a deal.

Perhaps Obama was relying on the US's 2007 National Intelligence Estimate about Iran's nuclear weapons program. As Israel said at the time, and as this week's IAEA report proves, it was the NIE — which claimed that Iran abandoned its nuclear weapons program in 2003 — not Israel that deliberately lied about the status of Iran's nuclear weapons program. It was the US intelligence community that purposely deceived the American government and people about the gravest immediate threat to US national security.

Israel, including Netanyahu, was telling the truth.

So if Netanyahu never lied about Iran, what might these two major world leaders think he lies about? Why don't they want to speak with him anymore?

Could it be they don't like the way he is managing their beloved "peace process" with the Palestinians?

The fact is that the only times Netanyahu has spoken less than truthfully about the Palestinians were those instances when he sought to appease the likes of Obama and Sarkozy. Only when Netanyahu embraced the false claims of the likes of Obama and Sarkozy that it is possible to reach a peace deal with the Palestinians based on the establishment of an independent Palestinian state west of the Jordan River could it be said that he made false statements.

Because the truth is that Israel never had a chance of achieving peace with the Palestinians. And the reason this has always been the case has nothing to do with Netanyahu or Israel...  
I'll take "liar" Netanyahu over "truthy" Nic and Barry any day of the week--and twice on Saturday (the Jewish day of rest).

Update: Mark Steyn's thoughts:
When Sarkozy said, whatever it was, oh, I can’t stand Netanyu, he’s a liar, and Obama replies you think you’ve got a problem with him, I have to talk to him every day. Well, the only reason he has to talk to him every day, I don’t know whether that’s true or not, is because he’s calling him up, and he’s trying to persuade, he’s leaning on Israel to make concessions to a fiction. And if he’s got a problem with Netanyahu, in a sense, it’s because he’s chosen to have a problem with Netanyahu. Netanyahu can’t afford the Obama fictions, because as you say, we’ve condemned Israel to live at code red alert in perpetuity. When Ahmadinejad and the mullahs get their bomb, Israel is going to have to be monitoring 24/7 to decide whether that uptick in the chatter means something, and this is the night they’re going to have to send out the guys to take out the Iranian nukes, or they’re going to face existential destruction. Listening to these sort of queeny, old gossips caught on the mic like Sarkozy and Obama is the difference. Israel lives on the front line of civilization. She can’t indulge herself the way this fellow in the White House can.

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