Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ceeb Broadcasts "Expert's" Pro-Sharia Spiel

Word to the wise: when someone tells you there's such a thing as "moderate sharia," you know you're dealing with a person who loves Islam's all-encompassing laws, and wants to see more of 'em come into effect far and wide. Case in point: the sharia expert the Ceeb sought out to offer insight into Libya's new-found status as a sharia state. He's all for it, natch, which is only to be expected of someone who thinks sharia's polygamy provision is a good idea. Here's what he told another hard lefty public broadcaster:
Abed Awad, a family law attorney in New Jersey, says for many Muslim men, multiple wives means many children — which is considered a blessing in Islam. And since Islam allows for sexual relations only in marriage, polygamy legitimizes the relationship in God's eyes.
Awad says conservative Muslims argue that in polygamy, "You're actually responsible for that person as your spouse. And the sexual relationship becomes a relationship of love and companionship as opposed to just a sexual fling."
Awad stresses he does not condone polygamy. But he says some conservative Muslim women see some advantages — particularly those who are divorced or widowed.
You might want to bear those words in mind as you watch this (h/t BCF):

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