Thursday, November 17, 2011

Obama's Official Envoy to Muslims Meets 'n' Greets 'Em in Ottawa

Obama's Official Muslim 'splained his (groveling, supine) M.O. vis-a-vis the one true faith to a receptive crowd in the capital:
Farah Pandith, the United States' Special Representative to Muslim Communities, has spoken to members of the Islamic faith in more than 50 countries over the last two years.
Her latest stop is Canada's Capital.
She spoke at the University of Ottawa on Wednesday, trying to flesh out some of the major concerns for Ottawa's Muslim community.
Pandith says America's strained relationships with some Islamic groups has led the nation to attempt a global reconnection.
"This is a generation of young people that has grown up every single day with the word 'Islam' or 'Muslims' on the front page of the paper since September 12, 2001," Pandith tells CFRA. "How has that shaped who they are and how they think about things?"
Appointed in 2009, Pandith is America's first official representative to Muslim communities.
She makes it sound as if it's the papers' fault their co-religionists keep on blowing things/people up, plotting to blow things/people up, or that the leaders of many Muslim countries keep on mowing down the populace a la the Ayatollah and Assad.

What are the papers supposed to do--ignore the gore? They are called newspapers, dear.

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