Monday, November 7, 2011

The Supremacy of Feelings

Dennis Prager fears for America's future because its young'uns' heads are being turned to mush:
(T)he primary purpose of high schools and colleges—and increasingly, even elementary schools—is to turn the students into secular leftists. Many of these graduates know what the climate will be like in 2080 but don’t know who Stalin was, let alone who Cain and Abel were. They are proficient at using condoms and recycling, but little else. They have been taught nothing of American exceptionalism and would likely find the term incomprehensible, if not repulsive. They would save their dog before a human they didn’t know because morality is a matter of feelings, and they feel more for their dog. 
Isn't that the problem in a nutshell? A society which uses feelings and the sparing thereof as its organizing principle is weak, decadent and  tremendously silly. One need only look to the Occupy mob, young people who have been taught to elevate feelings over thinking (because there's nothing better than a good, old communal wallow, say when someone like Princess Diana or Jack Layton dies), to see proof of that.


Carlos Perera said...

Dr. Prager is that rarest of rare birds, the (true) intellectual endowed with commonsense--and, what is equally important--the common touch: unlike, say, Bill Buckley at his densest, Dr. Prager invariably communicates with the man-in-the-street, and does so without seeming to patronize him.

scaramouche said...

I got to hear him in person a couple of summers ago. He was terrific.