Wednesday, November 9, 2011

To Serve and Protect Deadbeats and Khomeinists

Police in London, Ontario have cleared out the deadbeats and meth-heads who comprised that city's Occupy-ers. Police in Toronto, on the other hand, have yet to do squat re the squatters.

No surprise there, eh? Recall that a member of this same police force was caught on tape advising three harmless bloggers who were legally observing the Ayatollah's annual blood libel bash at Queen's Park to am-scray because their presence was--her word--"provocative."

Update: Someone OD'd (but didn't die) at Occupy the Toronto Park, but even that hasn't roused police to take action:
...After the man overdosed, the so-called jungle gym was dismantled and Occupy Toronto organizers held a meeting to discuss safety protocol and the coming cold weather.
One of the items on the agenda was the tent privacy policy. “How do we check if there are alive or not alive people?” said Ryan Markel, a 31-year-old occupier, “we have to check to make sure tents are safe.”
Usually, the Occupy security team handles safety issues. However, if a situation gets out of hand, the marshals can escort the offender to the fountain on King St., where police often wait...
To recap: harsh words for "provocative" bloggers; kid gloves and undeserved respect for an illegal occupation and its "tent privacy policy."

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