Sunday, November 6, 2011

What the Foucault?!

Some highly-credentialed intellectuals came up with these (which tells you a lot about the state of academia today)--five papers from an academic conference about TV "reality" show Jersey Shore:
  • “Problematic Pleasures and Affective Moments: Theorizing Jersey Shore” (University of Oregon) 
  • “‘SHOTS!’ An Analysis of Italian, American and Italian-American Beverage Consumption in Jersey Shore” (Duquesne University) 
  • “Foucault’s Going to the Jersey Shore, Bitch!” (McGill University) 
  • “Platonic Justice and Jersey Shore” (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) 
  • “Situating the Situation: Psychogeography, Mimetic Desire, and the Resurgent Indo-European Trifunctional Paradigm in Seaside” (North Carolina State University 


Carlos Perera said...

I'm happy to see that the taxpayers of both the U. S. and Canada contributed to these important scholarly works. Edward Gibbon and Adam Smith would be proud, I'm sure.

scaramouche said...

Either that or they're rolling over in their tombs.