Sunday, November 13, 2011

When the Sh*t Hits the Fan for the Debt-Ridden, Man, That's Amore

Unless it shapes up--fast--America is headed down the tubes a la Italia.

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Carlos Perera said...

Yeah, a full-blown economic crisis, probably manifesting itself in the form of a Weimar-quality hyperinflation, seems all but inevitable now. I guess, if we could still face reality as a nation, we--the U. S., that is--might still have just enough time to avert it with severe public-spending reduction . . . but we seem unable to face reality, as the Ohio vote against Issue Two, which would have brought public employee pay and benefits into line with fiscal reality, as well as curtailed the collective-bargaining rights of public employee unions, has just shown. Oh well, that's one of the signs of a civilization in decay, the unwillingness of its populace to face reality.

Too bad for you Canadians, because, though Harper has been disappointing from the standpoint of salvaging the ancient liberties of the English-speaking peoples, he has generally been good about pushing economic reality on the body politic. Unfortunately, if the great big ocean liner SS _American Economy_ sinks, chances are the much smaller sloop _Canada_ shall go down in its vortex . . . all the more so because the two ships are tied together by lots of lines and cables. I hope for your sake that Harper's cabinet is feverishly working behind on dark nights to chop through all of the hawsers that would pull you down with us.