Wednesday, November 16, 2011

With a Special Guest Appearance by...Canadian Icon Gordon Lightfoot!

Canadian troubadour Gordon Lightfoot, whose face bears the marks of a life lived hard, (baldly put, he looks like an old rummy), arrived at the Toronto park that's been hijacked by Occupy ninnies to visit one of them, his darlin' daughter Meredith. The media were on hand to capture the tender scene, of course, and I was inspired to revise a Lightfoot classic:

If you could leave the park, love.
What a mess and what a smell!
Just like an old time lifestyle--
Ain't outdoor defecation swell?
In a tent so small and a park so big
You squat and "occupy."
We really don't know why.
And they will never go away
As long as we allow 'em all to stay.

If you could leave the park, love,
Daddy's got a nice big home.
He's in the one percent that
You dumb kids like to bemoan.
When you reach the door, he will open it
And usher you on in.
He'll greet you with a grin.
And you won't have to work a day
As long as there's a daddy who can pay...

Update: An absolute right to squat? Not.

Update: Gord sings, "Sundance, you better take care/You're a real one percenter, whatcha doin' there?"

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