Friday, January 13, 2012

Amanda Hiscocks--Defiant Anarchist or Victim of Kooky Indoctrination? Discuss

A real rebel without a cause gets her comeuppance from a judge who's unimpressed by her Professional Rebel C.V.:
 A woman accused of inciting vandalism at Toronto's G20 summit was defiant as a judge sentenced her to 16 months on Friday, telling a raucous court hearing that she does not respect the criminal justice system. 
Supporters of Amanda Hiscocks packed a north Toronto courtroom, openly guffawing when Crown attorney Jason Miller spoke and rising to their feet when it was Ms. Hiscocks turn to speak.

Justice Lloyd Budzinski pleaded for calm several times before suspending the proceedings altogether.

He eventually moved the hearing to another courtroom, allowing only lawyers and reporters inside, while other spectators crowded into the adjoining room to watch via video link.

Even there, their cries and cheers could be heard through the wall, prompting Mr. Miller to ask they be ejected entirely from the courthouse. Judge Budzinski denied the request, and allowed the hearing to continue.

At the start of the proceedings, Mr. Miller quoted at length from A Man for All Seasons – a play about Sir Thomas Moore – to argue that there was no justification to break the law.
“Nobody is above the law – not the mightiest of kings and not those who believe they are fighting for the mightiest of principles,” he said. “If you believe you can break the law because your cause is just, you will be prosecuted and you will go to prison.”

Ms. Hiscocks had earlier pleaded guilty to counselling to commit mischief and counselling to obstruct a peace officer. She drafted a call-out for a “militant” protest at the G20 and encouraged people to obstruct police officers' vision.

In her statement, she told Judge Budzinski that being sentenced to prison would not deter her or her supporters from their activities.

“Throughout the farcical legal proceeding that ends today, we've been told that we are fighting the rule of law. If so, then good,” she said. “Our society is racist and colonial. It is rooted in wealth and power and so is the rule of law that upholds it.”...
Society's inherent "racism" and "colonialism" as an excuse to incite violence? Maybe that'll fly in a university sociology class, sweetie, but in the real world that dog don't hunt.

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