Thursday, January 19, 2012

Barack "Marvin Gaye" Obama Sings His Biggest Hit

Oooo, I bet you're wonderin' why I caved
When some eco-freaks like Daryl raved.
It's 'cuz I'm a guy who's so attune
And I know exactly what I'm doin'.
You know I plan to be around
When that oil's still in the ground
And so
I had to nix your pipeline
Or the election wouldn't be mine.
Canucks, I had you nix your pipeline
Even if you sell your oil to Chin',
Stevie, Stevie.
(I had to nix your pipeline if I wanna stay the POTUS).

I know that a man's suppposed to lead,
Do his best so folks succeed.
But I'm a guy who's got a thirst
To be on top, so I come first.
Shovel-ready jobs, I'm sad to say,
Will have to wait another day
I have to nix your pipeline,
And the decision here is all mine.
Oh yeah, I had to nix your pipeline,
Now the Republicans are all cryin'.
(Had to nix the pipeline
For my own self-preservation.)

People say that your oil's more ethical,
And I think that you mean well,
But those eco-freaks they don't agree
And they mean so much to me.
I'm gonna need their votes one day
So I'm heedin' what they say.
They said, "You have to nix that pipeline.
Sittin' in the dark is dee-vine.
Barack, you have to nix that pipeline
'Cuz usin' "dirty" oil's a real crime."
(Had to nix the pipeline;
Try again once I'm elected...)

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