Monday, January 9, 2012

Ceeb Broadcast of "Transgender Kids" Doc Infuriates the Transgendered and PC

The Ceeb broadcast this one--a doc about four young kids who have gender dysmorphic disorder--on its doc show The Passionate Eye last night. Some who saw it are furious because the doc failed to follow PC procedure and referred to the young'uns by their original, not their desired, gender. Leslea Kate writes, for example:
Once again, the CBC has failed utterly to adhere to the Associated Press guidelines which are VERY clear, that ALL stories regarding trans individuals REGARDLESS OF AGE, are to be referred to in the gender they present and CHOOSE to be portrayed as. In short, the opposite of what they did.

When I was on the CBC years ago & the story referred to me in the wrong gender, deliberately misgendering me and without ANY request, permission or even mention of doing so, I raised a stink.

It's too bad the people at the CBC have such a god damn short memory.

I STRONGLY recommend you folks at the CBC review your policies AGAIN, and stick with what you AGREED TO, back nearly a decade ago when I was interviewed in Edmonton & raised a stink over the bullshit then!

SMARTEN UP. You have NO legitimate excuse what so ever for this violation!
Someone named CMDR Tomalek seconds that over-heated emotion:
CBC: I expected so much better than this from you. The producers of this piece should be fired for their decision to refer to these kids by their biological sex! If this trash airs again, the disclaimer at the start should be changed to an apology!
Do I detect a "human rights" complaint or two in the offing?

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