Saturday, January 7, 2012

In Hopenchange, Round Two, the Message Is Significantly Diluted

Mega-trillions of debt later, with the national bank account full of dust bunnies and dead moths, they still think that hopenchange bollocks will do the job. Only this time, in keeping with King Barack's hyper-loquaciousness, the message may tend to get lost in a thicket of verbiage. Here are two hopenchage posters--quotations from Obama's speeches--for purchase at the Obama hopenchange store. They'll set you back a cool twenty sawbucks each:
Hope Screen Print
Voices Screen Print
I prefer Emily Dickinson's way of putting it: "Hope is the thing with feathers..." (and, she might had added, Obama is one big turkey--a poster not for sale at the empOrium.)

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