Saturday, February 11, 2012

Calling All Marco Maniacs

Don't you just LOVE this guy? Oh, not in a swoony, ain't-he-dreamy Obamasoxers sort of way. In an I-can-see-the-future-and-its-name-is-Rubio way.


Van Grungy said...

He's not a Natural Born Citizen. His parents were not Naturalized when he was born.

the 'discussion' in the comments here boils down to those who believe America's Constitution was framed using Vattel's Law of Nations, and those who dismiss Vattel.

I think Marco Rubio is great, but he is an anchor baby, or jackpot baby if you prefer.

To ever pick Rubio as VP or nominate him as a candidate to run for President is to legitimize the usurper 'occupying' the White House now.

more info here

Carlos Perera said...

_Pace_ Van Grungy, the federal courts have consistently ruled since 1898 ( U. S. v Wong Kim Ark) that persons born on U. S. territory to permanently domiciled non-citizens are indeed citizens by birth, which, by definition, makes them natural-born citizens of the country. This, by the way, is consonant with the surviving statements of the senators who debated the adoption of the 14th Amendment. The confusion over whether having foreign parents invalidates natural citizenship has, I believe, to do with the exclusion of those whose parents, e.g. diplomats, were employed by foreign powers at the time.