Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Seeing Evil

Do "some Jews," as this article in the CJN contends, think Barack Obama is "evil"? I hardly think so. People on the right usually reserve the "e" word for those who are manifestly wicked--Haman, Hitler, Ahmadinejad. They--we--don't see Obama as being "evil" so much as misguided, delusional, a product of his education/skewed worldview, out in left field and definitely on the wrong (i.e. the leftist) track.

In fact, it is the left that tends to see evil--in the right. George W. Bush? Evil. Sarah Palin? Evil squared. Margaret Thatcher? Don't even go there, but if you do, pure evil incarnate.

How, then, to account for the claims of this piece? An obvious case of projection, I'd say.

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