Saturday, March 3, 2012

Blix Stix His Nose In--Nix to That!

Talk about yer blast from the past. After years of well-deserved obscurity, Hans Blix, ElBaradei's predecessor at the UN's toothless nuclear watchdog, has popped up in, of all places, the Tehran Times. And, boy, the Khomeinists are delighted to use him in their propaganda efforts:
Blix, who was the director general of the agency from 1981 to 1997, stated that the IAEA has been very “cautious about the information they have received about Iran.”
He added that Iran does not have a pressing geopolitical need to develop nuclear weapons and that makes it possible to come to a settlement with the West.
However, this requires a wise approach, something the Western states are failing to employ at the moment, Blix commented.
“They have run the diplomatic path and only sanctions remain,” he said. “We are talking about stopping oil importing and maybe bombing, but I think they have lost their imagination.”
There are still things that can be put on the negotiation table with Iran, but for that a colonial tone should be dropped and more attention should be paid to the reward side, Blix noted.
The U.S. could, for instance, promise resumption of diplomatic ties in exchange for the settlement, he added. 
Good thinking, Hans. I'm sure the Khomeinists would leap at the chance to dump their nukes if they knew it could lead to renewed diplomatic ties WITH GREAT SATAN. 

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