Saturday, March 3, 2012

You Spend 10 Years in Afghanistan and What Do You Get?

You get murdered by "allies" for an injudicious disposal of an already thoroughly defaced Koran, that's what you get. Mark Steyn writes:
The Rumsfeld strategy that toppled the Taliban over a decade ago was brilliant and innovative: special forces on horseback using GPS to call in unmanned drones. They will analyze it in staff colleges around the world for decades. But what we ought to be analyzing instead is the sad, aimless, bloated, arthritic, transnationalized folly of what followed.
 Tarek Fatah adds:
The bottom line is America has wasted a decade, $500 billion US and the lives of 1,800 young soldiers in pursuit of an ill-conceived strategy in Afghanistan, made worse by an apologetic and guilt-ridden Obama.

The next-door Baloch in Pakistani-occupied Balochistan admire the Americans and would welcome their support.

But Obama and George Bush bet the farm on Pakistanis and Afghans, who have run circles around consecutive White House administrations, unable to understand they are hated by those they pay billions to, trying to buy their love.
A love that is destined to go unrequited, America being kafir and all.

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