Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Consumately Idiotic TDSB Celebrates "Jamaican Patty Day"

Folks, you cannot possibly make this stuff up:
At the invitation of the Jamaican Consulate, students at Driftwood Public School had the opportunity to spend the morning of February 23 with the Consul General of Jamaica, Seth George Ramocan. The Grade 5 students learned about the island nation and its culture as part of “Jamaican Patty Day.” 
Students, in the role of Junior Reporters from Room 207, were able to interview Mr. Ramocan and discuss the “Jamaican Patty War” of 1985, which they had previously researched. The “war” was prompted by several patty vendors around Toronto being told by inspectors with the Department of Consumer and Corporate Affairs that they had to change the name of the product and the packaging because it did not conform with the Meat Inspection Act and its definition of a “patty.” The incident prompted widespread media attention, with the Premier and Prime Minister even getting involved!

During their visit, the Consul General sang songs, shared stories and gave students a history lesson, which allowed them to have a deeper appreciation for Jamaican culture and contributions to society...
Without, of course, mentioning any of the bad stuff.

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