Thursday, March 15, 2012

Court to Decide Whether Female American Border Guard Was Being Hyper-Vigilant or a Tad Too Butchy/Handsy

A story that made me go, "Ewww!" From the Globe and Mail:
Three Canadian women have launched legal action alleging they were molested by female U.S. border guards while attempting to cross the border near Windsor, Ont. 
In court documents filed in the U.S., Leslie Ingratta of Windsor alleges two customs and border protection officers took her to a holding cell for questioning when she attempted to cross the Detroit-Windsor tunnel on Jan. 30, 2011 for a shopping trip to the states.

The lawsuit alleges officials questioned Mr. Ingratta repeatedly and accused her of lying about her reasons to travel before ordering her to face a wall. The officials fondled her inappropriately during the search, the suit alleges.

She was then taken back to the waiting room, crying and shaking, and told she was “clear to enter the United States.”

“By this point, plaintiff was too traumatized to continue on her trip and returned to Canada,” court documents read.

In a second, joint lawsuit two women from Windsor and Milton, Ont. — both frequent travellers to the country and holders of Nexus cards and Visas — claim they were strip-searched in an inappropriate manner while travelling together across the Ambassador Bridge on March 5, 2010, to attend a music concert.

They allege the guards penetrated them with their hands and fondled them “in a prolonged, deliberate manner.”

One of the women was eight months pregnant at the time...
Once again: Ewwww!

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