Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Official Jewry Goes All JDL

Not that the O.J.s would ever phrase it like that. From the NatPo:
In an effort to curb vandalism and thwart terrorism against Jewish targets, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs has announced it is forming a network of professionally trained volunteers to provide security at Canadian synagogues and Jewish community centres.

“I’m not looking to train commandos,” said program co-ordinator Doron Horowitz, noting that the program — dubbed the Community Security Network — is meant to complement law enforcement’s efforts. “It’s a neighbourhood watch … we’re not looking for vigilantes.” 
Ah, yes. Vigilance: yes; vigilantism; no. But why, in this, the best of all possible multiculti Trudeaupias, would Jewry find itself in peril?
In July 2006, in the midst of the Israel-Hezbollah war, gunman Naveed Haq forced his way into the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle and shot six women, one fatally. In 1994, Argentina suffered its deadliest bombing ever when a blast levelled the seven-storey Jewish-Argentine Mutual Association in Buenos Aires, killing 85 people.
Violence against Canadian Jewish targets has been rare, although Jewish homes and institutions are occasionally subject to vandalism. In 2010, a 17-year-old spray-painted swastikas and anti-Semitic graffiti at a Calgary Holocaust memorial and synagogue. In early 2011, four synagogues, a Jewish school and a daycare in Montreal had their windows smashed.
In the annual Hate/Bias Crime Statistical Report compiled by the Toronto Police, the Jewish community routinely ranks alongside the black and lesbian, gay and transgendered communities as being uniquely susceptible to hate crime. In 2010, the police reported 36 “hate/bias occurrences” against the Toronto Jewish community.
"Uniquely susceptible to hate crime"--the kind likely to be perpetrated, ironically, by another colourful strand in our glorious multiculti tapestry. Their "bias occurrences" occur frequently in their media, as well as in mosques and madrassahs where the holy Koran's "apes 'n' pigs" shtick is taught. Not that the cops are likely to do much about it. They're far too busy with all their bowing and scraping; their clock-getting and "outreach" to the, er, biased.

But let's hear from someone who has spent her entire career with her head up her arse in the "human rights"/"diversity" industry:
“It’s a sad reality that in this day and age Jewish community organizations and religious institutions — especially when they’re mounting large events — they need trained volunteers to play the role of marshals,” said Karen Mock, a human rights consultant and former head of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation.
That's pretty rich coming from a "human rights" grifter. The real sad reality is that Canada has opened its doors to untold numbers of hateful people, some of whom may want to harm the Jews, and Mock's "human rights"/muliticulti agenda dovetails perfectly with their desire to put the kibosh on our freedom and insert sharia into our body politic.

Stick that in your peacepipe and smoke it, Karen!

Update: A former Official Jew thinks we should all be mighty concerned about gay-bashing. In Uganda. (H/t: BCF) I liked this comment:
muscle280 What of gay bashing in Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia? The silence of the gay community is indeed deafening. In fact to many who support QuAIA, those countries are the good guys, as opposed to evil Israel.

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Thermblog said...

we’re not looking for vigilantes

Pity. I met a fellow down in South Africa who was active in the Jewish security organization there. He'd been to a weapons course in Israel and was sometimes armed on duty.

South Africa is of course a country where being armed was considered quite normal, although the ANC/Communist/Union alliance that runs the show now is apparently trying to "modernise."