Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tony Burman Clears Things Up Re His Sanction Sentiments

Tony Burman, a fellow who has held high positions at the Ceeb, al Jazeera and Ryerson's journalism school (call it a lefto-slamist trifecta) wants to clear up some false impressions about him. In a letter to the NatPo, Burman says that that paper's Robert Fulford messed up when he claimed that Burman is against Iran sanctions because he "thinks they'll cause war." Burman says that
In fact, I have written the exact opposite. On March 3, I wrote: "The growing pressure on Iran is having a damaging impact. What is the urgency for war? The Iranian economy is suffering mightily from sanctions imposed by the U.S. and Europe." On Nov. 12: "There are many non-military options still available to wise and cautious leaders."
He also seems confused about my prediction that the Israeli government will ultimately ignore international efforts to resolve this issue peacefully and launch a pre-emptive attack on Iran in 2012. I made the additional point that time is running out for wiser heads to convince Israel otherwise. Given the success so far of the sanctions, I hope my prediction will be wrong, but sadly, I doubt it will be.
Why are these words so difficult for Mr. Fulford to understand?
They aren't difficult at all, Tony. In fact, your animus toward Israel (which is pretty much a job requirement at your current and former places of employment) comes through only too loud and clear.

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