Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Daffy Zaffy Zionhass in Crescent Magazine

In this month's lead piece, our favourite local Khomeinist (last seen in the throes of a charm offensive aimed at Aboriginals) crows triumphantly about Zionists being on the ropes due to the "principled stance" Iran has taken in nuclear talks. Here's Zaffy--and a Hu's on first:
Hu Yumin, senior research fellow of China Arms Control and Disarmament Association, writing in the China Daily, on 4-16-2012, said: “It is generally believed that Israeli air strikes would only delay Iran’s nuclear program rather than completely destroy its capacity to develop nuclear weapons, and that they would give Iran’s leaders the pretext to publicly commit to making nuclear weapons. This is not what the Obama administration wants.” Hu went on to say that rising oil prices are also a major challenge for Obama as he faces re-election in November. American commentators have warned about running against the “gas pump” (i.e., higher gas prices) that the gas guzzling American motorists are addicted to. Tensions with Iran have caused the price of oil to rise sharply. It will help Obama’s reelection bid if he were to bring down the price of oil by lowering the political temperature with Iran. But he faces the Zionist blackmailers that thrive on perpetual conflict and mayhem. How he handles them, and his equally obstreperous Republican rivals in this election year will determine whether Obama will get re-elected or end up as one-term president.
Prior to announcement of the date for Iran-P5+1 talks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had visited the US in early March both to meet Obama as well as speak at the America Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) convention. This is the Zionists’ annual political blackmailing fest at which every American politician must pledge loyalty to the Zionist State ahead of the US and worship the Israeli golden calf. Obama, however, pre-empted Netan-yahu by declaring that there was still a chance for diplomacy to resolve the nuclear standoff with Iran. He framed the issue in terms of the US doing everything it can to stop Iran from “acquiring nuclear weapons,” much to the chagrin of the Zionist warmonger who wanted the US to prevent Iran from acquiring the know-how to make the bomb. Even Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a self-confessed admirer and best friend of Israel and of Netanyahu, rebuffed him in Ottawa on March 4 by insisting everything must be done to make diplomacy work with Iran. This is not what Netanyahu wanted to hear...
Oh, Zaffy, you're such a sweet-talking charmer. No wonder you're adored by Aboriginals and Zion-loathers alike.

Also in Crescent--this Der Sturmeresque summation of an '11 article dealing with the Zionists "favourite activity" --"killing Palestinian children":
Since its opponents — the Palestinians — are kept so weak in appalling conditions, the Zionists can get away with murder — literally. This is in their DNA, but the Muslim East situation is rapidly changing and soon the people there will excise the Zionist cancer.
Don't tell me, lemme guess--"Dr." Ayatollah Khamenei, oncologist extraordinaire, has a "cure" for that cancer--and it sure ain't chemo.

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