Monday, May 7, 2012

"From sessions exploring the use of hip hop in the classroom to a discussion about bullying towards overweight students, FUTURES was an excellent opportunity for educators and the community to share and learn in a safe and inspiring forum"

What our "genius" public educators have been up to--"equity," more "equity" and nothing but the "equity."

"Equity," as you know, gave us that lovely, gender-segregated, unclean-bleeders-excluded/precluded-from-praying mosqueteria--which is "equitable." In Saudi Arabia. Under the terms of sharia law.

Would that the educators spent as much time obsessing about quality as they do about "equity."

Update: There's something seriously askew with education in this province. There's all the money in the world for this equity and bullying crap, but no shekels left in the kitty for kids with special needs and their desperate parents.

Our priorities are completely--disgustingly--out of wack.

Update: There's no "equity" for Christians, of course. That wouldn't be--now what's that word again? oh, yeah--"fair."

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