Monday, May 7, 2012

Coming Up on the Oakley Show: It's Margolis Monday--Again

It's sickening heartening to know that even though Eric Margolis is a troofer-minded Zion-loather whose name showed up on an al Qaeda shortlist of journalists it looked upon with favour, there's still a place for his, ahem, expertise on an ostensibly conservative radio talk show.

Update: On Oakley just now, Margolis poo-pooed the al Qaeda thing. It's really no biggie, says Eric, since all it amounted to was that al Qaeda wanted to send a package of unsolicited info to him and some other scribblers on the occasion of 9/11's 10th.

Could have happened to anyone, he sniffed.

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Ms. Doubt49 said...

Can we trade Margolis for Weinstein? Just asking..