Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Is Chris "Tingly Leg" Matthews Correct in Equating Obama Urging on the Troops in Afghanistan to Shakespeare's Henry V?

Me thinketh not.

Peter Wehner writes re Chris Tingle:
For Chris Matthews to compare what Obama said last night at Bagram Air base to the St. Crispin’s day speech is beyond ridiculous. It is to enter a world of fantasy and parody, of obsequiousness and hero-worship, that most of us cannot even imagine. 

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Carlos Perera said...

Yeah, I have to admit my jaw dropped this morning while, on the way to work, I heard Bill Bennett on the car radio talk about Chris Tingle's--I love that sobriquet!--inapt comparison between one of the most inspirational passages in English literature--it actually makes me want to go out and be sick, cold, and wet on a battlefield, while angry foreigners charge at me on enormous war horses (when in real life I think twice about picking up the mail in a drizzle)--and Obama's egotistical bombast. I've never seen a (putatively) heterosexual man have that big a crush on someone of the same sex.