Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Things That Go Bump in the Night at George Galloway's House Spook the "Respect" MP

This one's a hoot and a half:
George Galloway has tightened up security in his London home after a homeless person apparently broke in and took up residence in a bedroom.
The Respect MP and his aides became suspicious after objects began moving from room to room.
His ties were moved out of his wardrobe, they claimed, and shoes disappeared from underneath beds. There was even talk of a poltergeist.
Mr Galloway, who is teetotal, said he realised someone had been living upstairs when he went to investigate – wielding a sword ‘given to me in Saudi Arabia or somewhere’ – and found an empty gin bottle and a gay video in a closet, which ‘would never be in my house’...
To recap--gin and/or gay porn are no-shows at George's place; Saudi Arabian gift swords, however, are an everyday part of the scenery, and are easily accessible.

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