Tuesday, May 1, 2012

One Year Post-Osama Hit, the Rubber Meets the Road

On the occasion of the first anniversary of bin Laden's swimming with the fishes, the Globe and Mail has a loooong and quite boring piece about how maybe the hit wasn't the wisest move because it has put a strain on U.S.-Pakistan relations. Included is this colourful comment about the Pakistanis' hurt feelings re their perceived disposability:
“In Washington there was a realization that we have been taken for fools by the Pakistanis,” said Stephen Cohen, a senior fellow of foreign policy at the Brookings Institution. “The Pakistanis think we’re still using them the way we would a Kleenex or a condom. We use them, then throw them away.”
Like a condom? Really? Well, if you say so, Steve.

As an antidote to the metaphorical prophylactic and silly hand-wringing, please read this.

Update: Al Qaeda is in "disarray"; no it isn't. Also--an example of A-Q's creative skulduggery: secret plans to wreak massive havoc were hidden/encrypted in a porno.

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