Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Song for Toronto Occupy/Beagle Mass Kvetch-o-palooza

When you are prone to moan
'Bout your student loan
Then you can always stream
If you are cussin' 'cuz there's
No "social justice"
Go blow off some steam

Just listen to the caterwauls of
Occupy Toronto.
They will get your dander up
And make a ruckus, pronto.
How can they lose?
The media think they're swell.
They get to bitch 'bout "apartheid"
There in Is-ra-el.
Just go
It's not illegal now.
No One's a Beagle now.
You're gonna feel really strong....

Update: From rabble.ca:
The call out for this year's May Day rally in Toronto is:

No Bosses
No Borders
No Broken Treaties
Frankly, I prefer Van Morrison's call out: "No guru, no method, no teacher":

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