Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Are "Entertainment Ultrasounds" Being Used to Identify Female Fetuses--So They Can be Aborted?

"Entertainment ultrasounds"? That's a new one on me. The "fun" is being offered by private "spa-like clinics," the rationale being that having a snapshot of the fetus will help a mom bond with her baby pre-birth. The Ceeb did a little digging, however, and discovered that "bonding" may be the last thing on the minds of some who avail themselves of this service. professionals in Canada have warned against the use of these "keepsake" ultrasound services ever since they started to become popular about 10 years ago. The clinics that offer these services are not currently regulated or approved by health regulatory bodies in Canada.
These so-called entertainment ultrasounds are much like regular fetal ultrasounds but instead of being used to tell the size and health of a fetus, they are used solely to view the baby and take photos and videos. Many clinics offer spa-like atmospheres and image packages are sold as baby shower gifts.
"There are probably more rules about nail salons than there are about these things," says Ray Foley, executive director for the Ontario Association of Radiologists.
"I wouldn't send my wife there, I wouldn't send any woman I know there. Why would you want to go there if you think that even if there is an extremely small risk to your unborn child that you obviously want to have born happy and healthy?"
There are also concerns that some of these businesses will determine the gender of the fetus earlier than some doctors in Canada, which could be facilitating the practice of gender specific abortions in Canada. Many are concerned that gender specific abortions, common in countries such as India and China, are causing growing gender imbalances in some communities in Canada.

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